Contact and FAQ


Please call the office or e-mail Julia Asano if you have any questions about

Registration, Workshops, Recital/Concert, and/or Uchiage/Bonenkai.




Q. What is LATI DONference?

A. LATI DONference is a taiko event that Asano Taiko U.S. & LATI started hosting in December of 2021. It gathers taiko players not just from LATI but from all over the world through joint workshops, rehearsals, a Recital, Concert, and parties!

Q. I'm already set on coming! How do I register?

A. Official Registration Form is available now! Register Here!

Learning Taiko

Q. I am a beginner of taiko, can I still be in the Recital?

A. Yes, but we recommend you take the fundamentals courses.

Q. I live in LA but not a student of LATI, can I still join in?

A. Of course! You can either come to Asano Taiko U.S. or take online lessons, regardless of your group affiliation.

Q. Do I have to take all the sessions to participate in the Recital?

A. No, we only require that you enroll in Session 3.


Q. How do I purchase performance tickets?

A1. Recital Tickets:

A2. Concert Tickets:

Q. What is the difference between the Recital and the Concert?

A. The Recital is for students performing what they learned through Courses in Session 3. The Concert is for taiko groups that exist separately from these Courses.

Q. Do I have to pay double the participation fee if I'm performing in both, Recital and Concert?

A. No, regardless of whether you are in one or both performances, the participation fee is $10 altogether.

Q. Will the studio be open for personal practice during the Events?



Q. Can I just come and take the Workshops in December?

A. Yes! Please register using this Registration Form. Deadline to register is 11/3 (Thu)! For workshop details, please see the Workshops page.

Q. What if I cannot attend all three days of the workshops?

A. There is only one registration package ($240 for all three days), and will not be offering a single-day registration option at this time.