Contact and FAQ


Please e-mail any of our staff below for specific question regarding classes, events, hospitality, volunteers, etc.

Katsuji Asano


Yuta Kato


Masa Miyano


Fred Visaya




Q. What happens if the pandemic situation does not improve and in-person events cannot take place?

A. We will monitor the situation closely and have different options for presenting pieces if we cannot do the concert in-person - ex. Virtual Concert, Live-streamed Concert without audience, etc.

Q. I'm already set on coming! How do I register?

A. Wait! We are currently measuring interest so please fill out this FORM. Official registration info will be available in September.

Q. How do we receive updates to the event?

A. Please fill out this FORM and we will e-mail you with any new notifications.


Q. I am a beginner of taiko, can I still be in the Recital?

A. Yes, but we recommend you take the fundamentals courses.

Q. I live in LA but not a student of LATI, can I still join in?

A. Of course! You can either come to Asano Taiko US or take online lessons, regardless of your group affiliation.

Q. Do I have to take all the sessions to participate in the Recital?

A. No, we only require that you enroll in Session 3.

Q. Is there a limit to how many pieces I can learn and be a part of in the Recital?



Q. How do I purchase concert tickets?

A. Concert tickets will be available through TOCA (Torrance Cultural Arts) as it gets closer to the event.

Q. What is the difference between the Recital and the Concert?

A. The Recital is for students performing what they learned through Courses in Session 3. The Concert is for taiko groups that exist separately from these Courses. Please fill out the Interest Form if you would like your group to perform.

Q. Will the studio be open for personal practice during the Events?

A. Most likely, YES.

Q. Can I just come and take the Workshops in December?


Q. Is there a limit to how many pieces I can learn and be a part of in the Recital?



Q. Do I have to set up accommodation through you? or can I get my own hotel/Airbnb?

A. Please don't feel pressured to have to use our services. We will most likely not be able to offer transportation though.

Q. Will there be rides from the airport to the events?

A. We cannot make any promises yet, but we will try our best to offer shuttle services.